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Fun Boxers I Love Big Bucks Pajama Pants for Men
Elmo Footed Pajama Pants for Women
Pink Fleece Footed Blanket Sleeper for Infant and Toddler Girls
Lazy One Bed Head Nightshirt for Women
Sports Balls Cotton Shorty Pajamas for Toddler Boys
Peace and Love Coral Fleece Bath Robe for Girls
Thomas the Tank Cotton One Piece Pajamas for Baby Boys
Lazy One Im a Bear in the Mornings Nightshirt for Women
Purple Check Spring Nightgown for Toddlers and Girls
Purple Swirl Slippers for Women
Gray Basketball Plush Bath Robe for Toddler Boys
Black Fairisle Slip On Slippers for Women
Pig Animal Bootie Slippers for Girls
Black Fuzzy Jeweled Thong Slippers for Girls
Monster High Dark Pink Nightgown for Girls
Savannah Animal Cotton Footed Sleeper Pajamas for Baby Boys
Pink Aerosole Open Toe Slippers for Women
Business Suit Cotton Footie for Baby Boys
Black Bear Slippers for Women with Claws
Pink Leopard Pajamas for Toddlers and Girls
Paul Frank Black Pajamas for Women
Land of the Lost Blue Pajamas for Boys
Scooby Doo Set of Two Pajamas for Toddler Boys
Wes and Willy Green Guitar Pajamas for Boys
Little Guys Football Cotton Pajamas for Infants Toddlers and Boys
Sweetie Cherry Blanket Sleeper for Toddler Girls
Zebra Thong Slippers for Girls
Popeye Red and Navy Striped Pajama Pants for Men
Elephant Animal Slippers for Women
Orange Crush Capri Pajama Pants for Juniors
Mint Green and White Plaid Fleece Pajama Pants for Women
Coke Gray Cotton Pajama Pants for Men
Blue Snowman Classic Christmas Coat Style Pajamas for Infants Toddlers and Boys
Jersey Knit Boxer Shorts for Parties (White Adult)
Set of Two Home Run Cotton Shorty Pajamas for Baby Boys
Purple Panne Nightgown with Jacket for Girls
Pink Butterfly Satin Pajamas for Girls
Jets Mascot Sleeping Bag for Kids
Blue Skull Footed Pajamas for Girls
Brown Football Pajama Pants for Boys
Leopard Animal Slippers for Toddlers
Diamond Patterned Short Pajamas for Men
Brown Puppy Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys
Lazy One Classic Moose Cotton Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys
Cars Blue Slip On Slippers for Toddler Boys
Pink Pig Animal Slippers for Women (2)
Lazy One Im Unstable in the Mornings Thong Slippers for Women
Blue Cheerleading Coat Style Pajamas for Toddlers and Girls
White Peace Sign Magic Boxer Shorts for Men
Disney Princess Dreams Footed Pajamas for Infant Girls
Navy Thermal Pajamas for Baby Boys
Blue Sports Ball Hooded Fleece Bath Robe for Boys
Polar Bear Animal Slippers for Women
Chopper and Dirt Bike Set of Two Cotton Pajamas for Boys
Baby Phat Babydoll and Boy Short Set for Women

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Taz Looney Tunes Pajama Pants for Men

Taz Looney Tunes Pajama Pants for Men

• Fun Taz print • Looney Tunes theme • 100% cotton knit • Elastic and drawstring waistband

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SLEEPWEAR: LESS MEANS MORE.(consolidation of companies)(Industry Overview)

NEW YORK -- The sleepwear industry today and the one that existed some 20 years ago are as different as night and day. The main reasons: consolidation and changing consumer lifestyles. In the late Seventies, the sleepwear business was estimated by manufacturers at less than $1 billion. Then, fueled ... (Publication: WWD)

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AAMA hits flammable 'sleepwear.' (American Apparel Manufacturers Association; children's sleepwear)

AAMA HITS FLAMMABLE 'SLEEPWEAR' By JIM OSTROFF WASHINGTON (FNS) -- Numerous nationwide department stores and specialty retailers are selling flammable, 100 percent cotton garments as children's sleepwear, apparently circumventing strict federal fire safety rules, an apparel industry group has ... (Publication: WWD)

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market report card: sleepwear.(Brief Article)

FASHION WAKES UP SLEEPWEAR BUSINESS THREE YEARS HAVE PASSED since the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shook up the children' sleepwear industry with a revised set of federal safety standards for flammability. So, how is the market fairing today? A quick sizing-up of the scene reveals ... (Publication: Children's Business)

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A perfect pair. (children's sleepwear)

Eileen West made her mark with timeless women's sleepwear. Now she's looking, with the help of licensee Kid Duds Apparel Group, to make a similar impact in girls'. The 4 to 14 line officially launches for fall. Mutual admiration flows between Eileen West and Kid Duds. "I am a big fan of her work. I ... (Publication: Children's Business)

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All about sleepwear, underwear & hosiery.

Cotton Garments Keep PJ Market Awake The volatile flame retardancy issue continues to keep manufacturers and retailers of children's sleepwear from sleeping on the job. Despite a host of efforts to keep consumers from purchasing kids' all-cotton underwear and playwear for use as sleepwear, the ... (Publication: Children's Business)

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CPSC begins program of port inspections aimed at flammable sleepwear for kids. (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

CPSC BEGINS PROGRAM OF PORT INSPECTIONS AIMED AT FLAMMABLE SLEEPWEAR FOR KIDS By JIM OSTROFF WASHINGTON (FNS) -- The Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched a port inspection program that is aimed at assuring imported children's sleepwear meets federal flammability standards. The agency has ... (Publication: WWD)

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Dutiful parents go out of their way to buy electric-socket covers, nontoxic crayons, bike helmets, and sunscreen. You would expect them to buy their children polyester pajamas, the kind with tags saying the clothes are fire-resistant. But an increasing number of parents dismiss the clothing as too ... (Publication: The Boston Globe (Boston, MA))

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CPSC targets sleepwear, cleaning. (Consumer Products Safety Commission)

CPSC TARGETS SLEEPWEAR, CLEANING WASHINGTON (FNS) -- Two issues on the agenda of the Consumer Products Safety Commission are causing some industry agitation. One deals with nightwear and the other with dry cleaning. Having already gone to the mat with children's sleepwear manufacturers and ... (Publication: WWD)

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Banking on novelty. (sleepwear) (Innerwear supplement)

Banking on novelty The decades-old quest for newness will resume again this spring with sleepwear resources and retailers forecasting good results -- primarily from updated lines. Business is trending toward the upper-moderate price range, sources say, with an emphasis on natural fabrics. Most ... (Publication: WWD)

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Sleepwear's restless days.(includes related article)

NEW YORK -- When Periphery Inc., a 25-year-old family-owned loungewear company, closed in January after losing the key I. Magnin account, the shutdown was symptomatic of the increasing challenges faced by independent robe and sleepwear companies. The shuttering of I. Magnin, executives at Periphery ... (Publication: WWD)

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